legal advices private clients

In the past years we have broadened our experience in cases of family law, and especially in cases of foster care, adoption custody, curatorship trusteeship, separations and divorces, protection of civil and property rights.

From the very beginning of our activity we have dealt with cases of Real estate retrieval due to the big amount of confiscation of real estates from the Communist Government during the post-war years. Moreover we deal with patrimonial and inheritance cases.

We represent our clients in the solution of every kind of problem in the social and family sphere, while relating with public and private institutions, with private citizens, with the employer etc…

Our legal practice doesn’t deal directly with criminal law cases.

Thanks to our partners in Italy and to many contacts with law firms in many countries in Europe,  we are able to give legal aid to polish citizens who are on abroad and Italian citizens in Poland. Moreover we deal with acknowledgment of foreign legal sentences in Poland and of polish legal sentences on abroad, especially in Italy. We assist our clients in cases of recognition of educational qualifications obtained in one of the EU countries.

legal advices for companies

We assist small, medium and big companies from the setting up in Poland to the clearing up. We support businessmen during transactions, such as acquisition or sale of line of businesses, assets or real estates. We represent our clients in cases of debt collection, we inquire the solvency of people and companies and we draft work contracts for personnel, representatives and executives.

We give constant assistance in order to solve efficiently and rapidly every kind of problem that may occur to a business company.

Thanks to the large number of contacts we have obtained, we are able to propose partnerships or investment offer for projects, to both private and public investors, who want to invest in Poland or in Italy in the real estate, industrial, tourism and services sector.

We offer our services and consultancies in polish, Italian and English.